What sport is best to bet on?

What to bet on to win? We are looking for the best sport for betting. Before every newcomer to sports betting, the question initially arises: which sport is best to bet on? Is there a universal sport, betting on which you will always or almost always stay in the black?

The most popular sports for betting

Among the most popular sports are football, tennis, hockey, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. Other types are much less popular with players. Even in football there are more and less popular events. Most players bet on major international tournaments and the world’s leading club leagues. There is a wider lineup, high stake limits and a huge amount of information.

On the other hand, beating the bookmaker’s line is more difficult here. Analysts react to every little thing and quickly change quotes, so it will be difficult to catch a “tasty” coefficient.

For less popular tournaments, the list is much narrower, and the limits are lower. To find information on these events, you will have to try. On the other hand, bookmakers pay less attention to such games, so it is easier to capitalize on them. Which option is better is up to you. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Features of sports in betting

Each sport has its own factors that can affect the result. Let’s analyze the main features in the most popular sports.


First, of course, is the personnel situation. That is, disqualification or injury.If a team loses several key performers at once, then the chances of this team to win will drop sharply, regardless of the tournament and the stage of the season.

Secondly, you need to consider the calendar and motivation. If the favorite has an important match in European competition in a couple of days, and in the championship all problems have been resolved, then the team may not strain. The coaching staff will surely save the leaders and rotate them.

Do not forget about the weather conditions. In rain or snow, it is much easier for teams that love to destroy. And even if there are two scoring teams, you should not expect many goals in bad weather.


Be sure to monitor information about the health of the player. If he has recently given up fighting, there is a risk that he will be in poor shape.

Coating. An important role. There are few real all-rounders in tennis, there are much more narrow specialists. For example, those who play great only on clay or grass.

Don’t discount motivation. In tennis, there is such a thing as the protection of rating points. If a player played well in a tournament a year ago, he will probably give 100% even now so as not to lose rating points. Otherwise, it will quickly drop in the rankings.

Hockey, basketball, volleyball

In these games, it is important to pay attention to the team calendar. If one of the parties has recently played on a tight schedule with a lot of flights, it is likely that by the end of the meeting the players will be tired.

In all sports, it is imperative to study the statistics of personal meetings between athletes and teams.

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